How to Write a Smoking Essay

Smoking has always been a social issue. Everyone is interested in anything related to it. It is because smoking can have huge effects on the health of the users. But for smokers, they are telling about the good effects it has on them. This is why smoking is a good topic for an essay that college students can use.
Essays about smoking can have different arguments which make it a good written piece. It will also be easier to make your point if you focus on producing a smoking effects essay. This will give you a lot of points and ideas to write about. You can make it even more specific by focusing on a cause and effect essay about smoking. When you are in college, you are expected to write better-written pieces as your writing skill level should be higher at this point. If you have decided to write an essay about smoking, then you should know how to write it effectively and properly.

Tips on Writing a Good Smoking Essay

1. Gather statistical information about smoking

This is a strong introduction for your essay as you back up the information with statistics. This makes the topic easier to visualize and believe. Keep in mind that you have to persuade your readers towards your point. Start your essay with numbers of students getting addicted to smoking or people becoming ill in relation to smoking, or where kids get access to cigarettes. These numbers will be your strong points making your essay very reliable.

2. Focus on the effects of smoking

This may be common for essays but if you research well and gather deeper information about the effects of smoking, then your essay will be stronger. Give examples and numbers. Show the deeper consequences of smoking and make sure that it is written clearly. Keep your essay focused on the effects and causes of smoking but back it up with examples and information.

3. Ask a question

Choose a strong question that will be the center of your essay. Choose a good and argumentative question like 'what makes smoking addictive' or 'why are kids given access to smoking'. Questions like these will prompt the minds of the readers to further read your essay and see how you will answer this question.

4. Make your ending impactful

Writing about the effects of smoking can be common but you can create a strong finish to make your essay persuasive, effective, and powerful. Work on the conclusion, as this will be the last statement the readers will remember about your essay.

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